Change Your Mind
ith Neurofeedback

Change Your Mind with Neurofeedback

       For thousands of years, people have used meditation               
       and prayer to change the brain by training the mind.                  
       In the past 50 years, Neurofeedback technology has
       made a much faster and easier option possible:
       Change your mind by training the brain directly!
       When you give your brain real-time information about
       its energy, you can teach it to calm down or speed up,           
       to shift more smoothly and become more efficient.

      Neurofeedback is a holistic, alternative modality that is
      drug-free, painless, and non-invasive. Neurofeedback
      acts as “Technological Cognitive Behavior Therapy”
      and treats many neuropsychological conditions which    
      involve the self-regulation of the cerebral cortex of the
      brain. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated
      in its ability to manage the cognitive processes of the                  
      brain including focus, memory, planning, organizing,
      learning, as well as regulate emotional tone and general           
      over arousal of the brain.

      Neurofeedback uses direct training of brain function to
      address problems of dysregulation. These encompass         
      numerous disorders including anger, anxiety, mild autism,           
      attention deficits, oppositional behavior, depression,          
      migraines, obsessive compulsive disorder, dementia,
      PTSD, sleep, impulsivity; it also works to enhance                
      academic and athletic performance.

      By applying sensors to the head, we are able to process
      the feedback from brain activity. It has been discovered
      that when people are given information about the activity
      of what their brain is doing, they are able to consciously
      or subconsciously control these functions through self-  
      regulation. Simply put, Neurofeedback is training in self-
      regulation, which is a necessary part of good brain function
      and which in turn, allows the central nervous system to
      function at an optimal level.

Change Your Mind with Neurofeedback works with children,
      adolescents, and adults, and is a clinical provider for two
      different state-of-the-art Neurofeedback systems:
        •  PIR HEG (Passive Infrared Hemoencephelography)    
        •  Cygnet, EEG (Electroencephalography)                  


                                 Gerry Radano, LMSW, AIBT
                                           914.337.0670 (H)
                                           914.420.9064 (C)
In my work as a mental health advocate,    
I met people who had made a dramatic
recovery due to Neurofeedback.  Further
research convinced me that I wanted to
work with and share this remarkable
                                   Gerry Radano