Gerry Radano, LMSW, AIBT            

Gerry Radano received a Master of Social Work
    Degree from Fordham University where she was
    trained as a clinician, an advocate, and an
    administrator. As a mental health advocate, she
    has done public speaking around the country to
    help take the stigma off mental illness. She has
    done numerous presentations at colleges, mental
    health facilities, hospitals, as well as radio and
    TV venues, including an invitation to speak at
    Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s Neurotechnology
                Conference at Brown University, RI, in 2008.          

    Gerry Radano is an award winning writer and has
    been interviewed by various prominent publications
    including The New York Times regarding her work
    as a mental health advocate. In 2007, she was the
    recipient of the Fordham University Alumni STAR
    Award given in recognition of her work in this arena.  
    She has studied Neurofeedback and Biofeedback at
    the Biofeedback Resources International Certification
    Program, BCIA, and has been certified by the
    American Institute of Biofeedback Technicians, AIBT.    


           Congressman Kennedy’s Neurotechnology Conference
                                 Brown University, RI, 2008
            As a mental health advocate, Gerry Radano has
          spoken around the country. Below is a list of
          some of her presentations:


                                         Gerry Radano, LMSW, AIBT
                                               914.337.0670 (H)
                                               914.420.9064 (C)
     Change Your Mind
                       with Neurofeedback
• Sacred Heart University, CT
•OC Foundation, MA, TX, PA
• Columbia University, NY
• Putnum Family Services, NY
• Fordham University, NY
• SW Mental Health, CT
• Iona College, NY
• NBC TV 30, CT
• Butler Hospital, RI
• Channel 12, CT
• Presbyterian Hospital,  NY
• WFAS Radio, NY
• Metropolitan Hospital, NY
• WVOX Radio, NY
• Mental Health America, RI
• WGCH Radio, CT
• Elekta Organization, GA
• WDJZ Radio, CT