Change Your Mind
                     with Neurofeedback


                                Migraine Headaches

                 Neurobiofeedback has been shown to be one
             of the most effective, non-invasive, pain-free,
             and drug-free ways to deal with migraine headaches.
             A New York psychologist, Dr. Jeff Carmen, has
             specialized in treating migraines with biofeedback         
             for many years. About thirteen years ago, Dr. Carmen        
             invented a new procedure, PIR HEG Neurofeedback,   
             which he found to have an even more effective    
             result in treating migraine headaches.

             This technique involves learning to control the  
             temperature, or the blood flow and metabolism,               
             of the front area of the brain. The process is done          
             by attaching a sensor to a person’s forehead while        
             they are watching a movie on a VCR, which is used         
             as the feedback signal. When the head temperature    
             rises, the movie comes on; when temperature drops,        
             the movie pauses.

             Most people are able to learn to control their     
             temperature within a very few short time, often       
             getting relief within 2-6 sessions. The results
             over the years have been striking. 80-90%
             of clients report significant improvement in
             migraine frequency or intensity, and over half
             have no migraines at all following the treatment.

             The statistical evidence below demonstrates the
             prevalence of migraine sufferers, their pain and   
             suffering, as well as the monetary losses caused
             by this devastating disorder:

             • World Health Organization estimates 303 million   
                people worldwide are migraineurs
             • Migraine headaches affect 28 million Americans
             • There are almost 20 million migraine attacks
                happening every day
             • In a year, it is estimated 90% of the population
                gets at least 1 headache
             • 21 million, or 75 percent, of migraine sufferers
                are women
             • Migraine victims lose more than 157 million
                workdays each year
             • Migraines cause losses into the Billions of dollars
                due to lost work revenues


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