Change Your Mind
ith Neurofeedback

                       Neurofeedback Systems                                   

       Change Your Mind with Neurofeedback is a clinical provider
      for two different state-of-the-art Neurofeedback systems:
       •  PIR HEG (Passive Infrared Hemoencephelography)    
       •  Cygnet, EEG (Electroencephalography)                  



                               Gerry Radano, LMSW, AIBT
                                          914.337.0670 (H)
                                          914.420.9064 (C)

Passive Infrared Hemoencephelography          

PIR HEG is a special type of neurofeedback
that uses a straightforward process to indirectly   
measure blood flow and oxygen in the brain.
The system operates by positioning an infrared camera-like
sensor on a person’s forehead. A movie is used as the feedback
signal. While watching the movie, a person needs to maintain a
RELAXED BUT FOCUSED state of active concentration. If they
lose their focus, the movie will pause. The object is to be able     
to find and maintain that same sense of control and relaxation    
in real life experiences. The results over the years have been
impressive with most people being able to achieve this balance    
in a very few sessions.
Cygnet, EEG

The electroencephalograph has been    
studied and applied since the 1930’s
as a way of looking at the operational     
and electrical functioning of the brain.
Cygnet system, using very low frequencies, does this   
exercise by using a movie or video game that gives us
visual and auditory feedback. By way of this response,
our subconscious mind begins to program our brain to     
stay in a healthy pattern. By repeatedly training your
brain to return to the right zone, it should eventually           
be able to attain a regulated brainwave pattern     
automatically on its own volition. This in turn will               
enable the brain to perform at its most optimal level.